Responsive Components

Auto layout & variant support



Predefined Styles

Text, color, and effect styles



Interactive Components New!

Configured for faster prototypes



Dark Mode

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The ultimate Figma component library

Give product teams the power to design solutions efficiently.

The Web App Figma Design System - 3600+ responsive components for rapid iteration | Product Hunt
product designers

For Product Designers

Deliver projects faster with a consistent framework of flexible Figma components. Prototype your solutions at scale and give development teams a solid foundation that communicates customer value.

product managers

For Product Managers

With more non-designers joining the fun in Figma, a well-organized, easy-to-use component library and UI kit is crucial for cross-team collaboration. Work in tandem with designers, validate ideas more efficiently, and plan product roadmaps with confidence.

startups and entreprenuers

For Startups & Entreprenuers

Articulate big ideas by prototyping in Figma while maintaining consistency across projects. Speak the same language as designers and communicate with everyone at the table responsible for product decisions.

Atomic design

💡 Core Components

The UXBin web app UI core Figma components are a solid base for any interface. Quickly build unique interactions, and fine-tune the foundation of your app design while utilizing the Figma auto layout feature.

  • Accordion ⚡️
  • Badge
  • Breadcrumb
  • Divider
  • Menu
  • modal
  • Pagination
  • Popover
  • Progress
  • Scrollbar
  • Tab
  • Toast
  • Tooltip
  • User
  • User Group
Build projects lightning fast

🖊 Form Components

Construct well-documented, easy-to-use form components with precision and clarity. Manage the state between interactions with one click and ensure you never forget an error state again.

  • Button ⚡️
  • Button Group
  • Button Sign in with (SSO) ⚡️
  • Checkbox ⚡️
  • Date Picker ⚡️
  • Dropdown
  • Input ⚡️
  • Radio ⚡️
  • Slider
  • Stepper ⚡️
  • Switch ⚡️
  • Tag
  • Tag Input ⚡️
  • Text Area ⚡️
Customize the experience

🔮 Library Styles

Manage your branding colors, text styles, and component effects from one central space. This Figma style library uses a simple, easy-to-use structure that designers can customize to fit any storyline.

  • Text sizes and weights
  • Colors and gradients
  • Box shadows and borders
  • Background blurs and overlays
Build compelling interfaces

🍱 Table & Chart Components

Easily create beautiful tables and charts that can automatically adapt for different screen and window sizes. Give anyone the ability to show information and data in a structured framework. Detach the instance for complete customization and flexibility.

Never start from scratch

🎬 26 Starter Templates

The UXBin web app UI design library includes 26 different examples of app-specific pages. All included templates use the design system with a hint of customization and personalization.

A Figma design system that makes sense

The UXBin web app UI design library uses a streamlined approach to file organization so Figma users no longer have to deal with a bloated design system. Designers can use a common element and change the variant properties. For example, the button is one component in the library, but it has 960 variants already mapped to it.

Build prototypes on the fly

Focus on solving problems and building value for users. Style and feel are essential, but easily validate ideas using Figma for mockups and prototypes first!

Dev teams in mind

Design with your development and engineering teams on board. Convey Figma prototypes with components based in reality.

Never start over

Starting a new project can be daunting if you have to recreate everything from scratch. Just turn on the library and hit the ground running.

Consistency is key

When collaboration is happening in different parts of the product, having a single source of truth brings everything together. Common UI kit componenets are key.

Free updates

Automatically get access to file optimizations, new components, and new styles. When Figma updates, the UXBin web app UI component library update.

Simple pricing

Get everything for yourself or your team

What's included:

  • 150+ Interactive Components New!
  • 3600+ Responsive Components
  • Auto layout & variants
  • 130+ Text, color, and effect Styles
  • 26 Starter Figma templates
  • Dark & light modes
  • 180+ Unique UI icons in two sizes
  • 100% Control for commercial use
  • Free updates


For individuals & freelancers

  • Single editor - One time purchase
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Frequently Asked Questions

Interactive components are a fantastic feature in Figma that allow for faster prototyping. Read more

Yes. If you have a single or team license, you have complete control, and you may customize each component to your liking. You are not allowed to rebrand or resell the components as another library or UI kit.

No. If you purchased a team license, you are good to go for unlimited editors, now and in the future.

If you purchased a single license in the past and now want a team license, reach out to us at We will hook you up with a better option.

Our full license agreement is located here.

Basically, you are free to use, manipulate, and change any part of the library as it relates to your personal and commercial projects. If you are using the files as an individual or freelancer, we recommend the single license. If you are interested in collaboration and want multiple team members to use the library, we recommend the team license. You are not allowed to rebrand or resell the components as another library or UI kit.

We use LemonSqueezy to process payments. When you checkout, you enter an email address that is used for file delivery and future updates. We will notify you via email with a new Figma (.fig) file once available.

If you are having issues receiving email notifications from UXBin, please do not hesitate to email us at for further assistance.

We use LemonSqueezy to process payments. Currently, we can accept Discover, Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Diner's Club, and PayPal.

Yes. After your purchase has been completed, you can print your own invoice by clicking the link at the bottom of your receipt. If you are experiencing issues or need assistance, please reach out to

Unfortunately, we cannot offer refunds at this time for our electronically delivered products.

We love to hear from our customers. Please contact us at and let's work together!

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